If you have a verified business account or a verified personal account, the primary way to withdraw funds is by linking a valid bank account to your Dwolla account by visiting the funding sources tab at the top of your legacy Dwolla dashboard.  

If do not have a valid bank account to withdraw your funds to, you have a couple options.

Option A - Open a bank account
The legacy Dwolla interface works well with national banks such as Bank of America, Simple, and Wells Fargo, which allow for online account creation. 

Option B) Get a Prepaid Card
Certain prepaid debit cards can also be added as a way to withdraw funds from your legacy Dwolla account. Prepaid cards that work for withdrawing money from Dwolla include GreenDot and NetSpend. You can apply for these prepaid cards online, and have the card mailed to you. These pre-paid debit cards have routing/account numbers that are necessary for linking to Dwolla.

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