We apologize for the inconvenience that has brought you to this page. Please read this help section in its entirety prior to moving forward with a dispute.

Requirements and need-to-knows

  • Disputes must be filed within 45 days of the original transaction
  • Disputes cannot involve the purchase of virtual currency
  • Disputes must reference the original transaction agreement/documents showing validity of the transaction, such as an auction listing, invoice or receipt

How does Dwolla define a dispute?
Dwolla uses the word dispute to describe a disagreement between two Dwolla Users
over a particular transfer of funds.

More formally ...
A dispute is the formal establishment of a complaint by one Dwolla user against another Dwolla user surrounding the terms of a Dwolla funds transfer in which the two parties are unable to settle the matter.

How do I file a dispute?

  • We only recommend filing a dispute on Dwolla if a resolution between you and the other Dwolla customer involved in the transaction cannot be sorted out, or the other party is not responsive.
  • If you do decide to submit a dispute, please keep in mind the result of the dispute will be at Dwolla’s discretion. Dwolla’s risk and legal team will be using the evidence at hand to make this determination.

Email disputes@dwolla.com with the following:

  1. Dwolla User ID of both the sender AND receiver
  2. Transaction ID(s)
  3. Amount of Transaction(s)
  4. Nature of the Dispute- Who did this involve, what did it involve, when did this occur, steps taken to resolve the matter, and lastly any other supporting evidence (receipts, correspondence, etc.).

    A member of our security team will reply with the next steps.

What happens to the funds under Dispute?
If funds have not already been removed from the system, those funds will be placed in a pending state until the dispute is resolved.

If funds have been withdrawn from the system, Dwolla will attempt to reclaim the funds from the account the funds were withdrawn to. If unsuccessful, we will provide all necessary information to the originator of the dispute should further action be needed.

Who mediates the dispute? Is there a specific role at Dwolla that manages disputes? Does Dwolla outsource to an arbitration service?
Disputed transactions between Dwolla users are mediated internally by special members of our Risk and Legal Team.

Is there a general timeline/procedure for the process?
Disputes must be filed within 45 days of the original transaction.

  1. Dwolla notifies the Dispute Respondent.
  2. The Dispute Respondent has 5 days to respond and submit evidence in their defense.
    After 5 business days:
         a. If no response from the Dispute Respondent, Dwolla will attempt to recover funds for the Dispute Filer.
         b. If the evidence is insufficient, Dwolla will request more evidence from both parties.
         c. Dwolla will notify parties of any action to be taken.
         d. A decision will be rendered by our Risk and Legal team.

    What kind of evidence does the process look for?
    Dwolla may examine, but is not limited to requesting, the following:
  • Proof of a sale - such as an item invoice, receipt, auction listing, etc.
  • Proof of shipping- such as appropriate method for value of item, tracking information, delivery confirmations, etc.
  • Correspondence - such as history between parties via email, marketplace communications, recorded phone calls, etc.
  • Transaction history (to determine patterns of behavior)

If you have additional questions, please reach out to disputes@dwolla.com.

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