The Statements and Reports section of your Dwolla account provides you with multiple ways to view and download your transaction history. Under the Statements section, you can download a PDF transaction summary or CSV monthly transaction report.

Additionally, the Transaction Summary tool can be utilized to download a transaction report for a specified date range. This tool allows you to select start and end dates and choose the type of file to download (CSV or Quickbooks).

To access Statements & Reports:

  1. Click on the triangle next to your avatar (photo)
  2. Next, click on "Statements & Reports" in the drop-down menu

Download a Transaction Summary of a specified date range

  1. Go to the Statements page
  2.  Enter the start and end dates for your desired transaction summary report
  3. Select the type of transaction activity to include (all activity, mass payments, or fees)
  4. Click CSV or Quickbooks to download the desired file type

Download your monthly payment history or account statement: 

  1. Go to the Statements page
        a.  Click the "CSV" link next to each month to download your monthly payment history
        b.  Click the "View" link next to each month to download your monthly account statement

2. A .csv file will download to your computer, which you can open using Microsoft Excel or any other common spreadsheet program or financial software. The file will include a separate column for Type, Date, Time, Amount, Dwolla ID, Transaction Type, Sender/Recipient Name, and Comments. (note: CSV files for Non-Profit accounts also include donor information)

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