When businesses move money, it is essential that detailed files are made available. The more information this record includes, the better. ACH addenda records give businesses the ability to add more payment-related details to the transaction. This information can be an invoice number or a brief description of the transaction.

Addenda records are available for specific ACH transactions. An ACH entry’s specific transaction type is identified through the Standard Entry Class (SEC) code that is passed along with the transaction. CCD is a specific SEC code for verified corporate to corporate bank accounts and these transactions allow for an addenda record. 

Extending the power of ACH addenda with CCD transactions (commonly referred to as CCD+) is just another benefit of the Dwolla Platform for businesses. When your business is doing millions of transactions across an application with hundreds of thousands of users, traceability is crucial to saving you and your customers time and money. 

More information and more predictability means more value. That’s what addenda records add up to. 

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