Does Dwolla support two-factor authentication?

Yes, Dwolla provides additional security to log into your account with two-factor authentication. You can enable this feature from the Security tab of your account settings. Once two-factor authentication has been enabled, an authenticator code will be requested upon login every 30 days for each computer and browser you use to access your Dwolla account.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a secure login process requiring you to provide two types of identification - something you know (login credentials) and something you own (your mobile device).

Why should I set up my account for Two-factor authentication?

Passwords may be guessed or cracked. To better protect your Dwolla account, we encourage you to enable two-factor authentication. When this feature is enabled you will be required to provide a security code from your mobile phone number in order to login, along with username and password.

Do I need to install an app to enable 2FA if I already have an authenticator app on my phone?

If you already have an authenticator application, there's no need to download another one. Getting set up is easy-- start with the step that requires you to scan or type in a one-time key code into your authenticator app.

Why do I need to install an application to enable two-factor authentication? Can my security code be texted to me instead?

Dwolla supports Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) method for two-factor authentication, which requires an authenticator app. Without the application, two-factor authentication cannot be enabled for your account.

Dwolla recommends using any of these authenticator apps:

What if I don't have my trusted device with me or my device is lost?

If two-factor authentication is enabled, you will always need access to your device with the authenticator app when logging in to your Dwolla account. If you don't have access to your device, please contact us at 1-888-289-8744 Monday thru Friday, 9AM-5PM CT. Outside of phone support hours, we're available at or via Twitter @Dwolla_Support

Can I register multiple devices for two-factor authentication?

You can use any device to login to your Dwolla account. However, at any time you can only have one trusted device with the authenticator app to receive the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) needed to authenticate your Dwolla account.


My secret code does not work. Instead, I see the message 'Invalid verification code'.

If you have more than one Dwolla account, be sure you are entering the verification code for the correct account. Also check that the device generating the code has the correct date and time.

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