When you receive a payment request from a Dwolla user, you will receive an email notification from Dwolla. To fulfill the payment request, follow these simple steps:

1.  Click Pay Now within the email.  

2. A new window opens. Enter the email address and password for your Dwolla account. Click "Log in and continue."
(Don't have a Dwolla account, follow these steps)

3.  Review the payment amount, select the funding source you'd like to pay from, enter your PIN and click "Submit payment."

That's it. Your payment is on it's way to the requestor.

Fulfill a payment request without a Dwolla account

2b. Click the "Get started" link at the bottom of the window.

3b. Create a Dwolla Direct account with an email address and password. 

4b. Search for your bank or credit union to connect to your Dwolla Direct account. 

5b. If you find your financial institution via the search, enter your online banking credentials to connect to your account.

If you're unable to find your financial institution via the search, click "Continue." Next you'll be asked to enter the routing and account number for the checking or savings account you want to connect.

After entering your account information, you'll follow the final steps to submit your payment.

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Financial institutions play an important role in the Dwolla network.

Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank and all funds associated with your account in the Dwolla network are held in pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank.