MassPay is a tool that was designed to be a fast, secure, and low-cost way for you to send funds to a large number of individuals. This tool is perfect for:

  • Paying contractors, freelancers, or employees
  • Marketplace or affiliate commissions
  • Rewards, rebates, royalties, or winnings

MassPay allows you to pay out to up to 5,000 people at once by simply uploading a CSV file from, or programmatically. Learn more about the platform.  

Here’s how you can send a mass payment via the file upload method from

1. Click on the "Send" button in the top left while logged into your Dwolla account.

2. Clicking on “Send a mass payment” in the top right corner of the next screen will take you to a file upload page where you’ll upload a CSV file and select your funding source. Make sure your CSV file includes a header row with two columns labeled “Send to” and “Amount”; a third “Notes” column is optional.

3. On the following confirmation screen, you’ll have an opportunity to review the mass payment that is about to be initiated. Make sure the information is correct, enter your PIN, and submit the payment.  


4. Following the completion of the mass payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email which includes your MassPay Job ID #, and the option to view the status and download the report for the mass pay job.  

You can always log into your Dwolla account to access details about current or past mass payments from the “Masspay” tab under Payment activity.

Funding Options:
As the sender, you can send payments via your pre-loaded Dwolla balance, which would mean the recipient would receive the funds instantly, OR through your connected bank account which may take 3-4 business days. Mass payouts initiated from your bank account will be aggregated into a single transfer adding your mass payment total (including fees, if applicable) from your bank to Dwolla, before individual transactions are then dispersed to your recipients. If a recipient does not have a Dwolla account, they’ll be notified by email and prompted to register for an account.

You also have the ability to download a report that details individual payments associated with an aggregated mass payment for a custom date range if a bank account was used as the funding source (i.e. not Dwolla balance). Visit, or click “Masspay” under Settings (the gear icon in the top right).   

As with any other transaction on the Dwolla network, there are no transaction fees associated with using the MassPay tool.

 1. There are two ways to cancel an entire MassPay job so long as you've selected a connected bank account as your source, and funds haven't cleared yet from your bank account: 

  • Cancel the "Money In" transaction. This is the simplest way to cancel your mass payment. From the “Money In” tab under Payment activity, locate the pending transfer that would fund your MassPay job, click “Details” to the right of it, then click “Cancel this transfer”.  Cancelling this transaction will cancel all of its associated individual payouts.

  • Cancel all of the "Money Out" transactions. While this is the more tedious option, you can cancel an entire MassPay job if you cancel each of the associated payouts (individually) from the “Money out” tab under Payment activity.

2. To cancel a single payout that's associated with a mass payment:

  • From the “Money out” tab under Payment activity, click “Details” to the right of the individual payment you’d like to cancel, then click “Cancel this transfer”.

Please note: you can cancel an individual payout, but the "Money In" transaction that would fund your entire MassPay job will remain the same. If the amount of payouts is less than the "Money In" transaction, the remainder will be added to your Dwolla balance.

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