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How do I deactivate my Dwolla account?

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2013 02:43PM CST
If you're choosing to deactivate your Dwolla account because we asked you for personal information (like your SSN), please understand that this is a federal requirement and that we take the utmost care to keep your personal information safe and secure. Please read more about this before deactivating your account.

Date of action for the requirement to provide a valid SSN was February 8, 2013, after a two week notice and grace period was provided. After this date, you can no longer "spend" or "withdraw" funds from the mobile and native Web app. If you do not provide your SSN and wish to withdraw your remaining funds from your Dwolla account to your attached bank account, you can place a call to Dwolla support (1-888-289-8744) and make a one-time withdrawal of these funds to your attached bank account. 

Deactivating your Dwolla account will:

  • end all account activity
  • prevent anyone from sending money to your account
  • stop emails from Dwolla
  • disable access of your Dwolla account from any third-party applications

To deactivate your Dwolla account, go to

You can reactivate your account by logging in to Dwolla and completing any necessary steps at that time.