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When will my transaction clear?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2013 03:02PM CST
How long will a deposit to Dwolla take?
How long will a mobile payment take?
Are all transactions instant?

It depends on the scenario...

Payments sent from your Dwolla balance to another Dwolla user's account (and vice versa).

Payments sent from your Dwolla balance to a merchant via the API. (purchased through a shopping cart online) 

Payments sent or received via a mobile phone in a retail store.

Funded from a US savings or checking account. (Deposit to Dwolla)

Sent to a US savings / checking account. (Withdrawal from Dwolla)

*Keep in mind that these estimated times do not account for weekends or holidays. 

Banking integrations: FiSync
When your financial institution is integrated with our banking services product, FiSync, your Dwolla experience will change dramatically. Depending on the level of your bank's or credit union's integration, Dwolla transactions to and from your bank account could be instant, same-day, or drastically shorter. This will provide you with the immediacy, convenience, and accessibility you expect, and all for a price that's much cheaper than typical "plastic-based" transactions. 

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