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How can I add funds into my Dwolla Account? [Video]

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2013 11:53AM CDT
To add funds into your Dwolla account, you must first link your bank account. If you have already linked (and verified) your bank account you can skip the ‘ADDING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT’ section below and follow the ‘ADDING FUNDS...’ instructions.

ADDING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT  (If you have not added it already)

1. When logged into Dwolla, go to “Add Bank Account."
2. Fill in your Bank Account and Routing Number.
3. Dwolla will make two small deposits into your bank account (this will take 2-3 business days).
4. You will receive an email confirmation from Dwolla stating that your bank account was
   successfully added. That email contains a link for you to verify your bank account. Click the link, log back into your Dwolla Account and enter the amounts of the two deposits you received in order to verify your bank.
Here's a quick video about linking your bank account to Dwolla:


1. When logged into Dwolla, go to “Deposit Money."
2. Enter your personal Dwolla 4-digit PIN number and the amount you wish to deposit.
3. It will take 2-3 days for the funds to transfer from your bank account into your Dwolla account balance.

You can always see when the funds are expected to clear through your pending transactions by:

1. Click ‘Pending’ when logged into Dwolla.
2. Click on ‘Details’, of a pending transaction.
3. You can then see the ‘expected clearing date’ to know when to expect your funds to post to
   your Dwolla account balance.

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